Saving the world is a big task, but not if everyone helps. Just by making small changes to our habits we can make a big difference. We think that if people are more aware of the companies and products trying to make a difference and how easy and beneficial it is to switch, then those who 'give a crap' probably would. Here are a few ideas for things that most of us could do right now which we think are pretty cool, very easy, and affordable. Things as simple as changing your toilet paper or laundry detergent, to who you book your holiday with or browse the web with can make a huge difference if enough of us do it. Click on the logos below to learn more about each of these awesome organisations and support their worthy causes. 

   Use green energy 

The green revolution is already underway. Which is good because we don't have much time left. We recently found out about an energy provider in the UK called Octopus Energy who source their power from renewable sources AND can probably lower your bill. Plus it's super easy to switch. We have already... 


    Drink Beer! ​

If you like beer and you care about the planet then why not consider trying BrewDog? A Scottish based company that wants to help make the world better. Not only do they make a variety of good beers, they are carbon negative and generally give a shit. 

BrewDog logo.png
Tru Earth laundry.jpg

 Eco Wash your clothes

Tru Earth have made a waste free, eco friendly, easy to use, mess free laundry detergent strip which costs about the same as standard non eco detergent and can be delivered straight to your door. Considering what we now know about the damage caused by some detergents, who wouldn't use it?

  Give the gift of Water

We believe that equality is the solution to many of the worlds problems. In order to realise real equality, we must first ensure that the most basic needs of everyone on the planet are met. This starts with water. These guys are doing charity right. Join them by clicking their logo. 


    Search the web 

Wouldn't it be cool if every time you did a search online it helped plant trees? Well thanks to this cool company called Ecosia, it now can. They use revenue generated from your searches to plant trees (13 million so far!). And that is something we need to do. We think Google is rich enough. 

  Travel (when we can)

Yep that's right. Take a holiday. Not only is travel one of the best ways to understand other cultures and a path to world peace. It is also a great way to re-distribute wealth if done correctly. There are lots of good travel companies out there that sell great trips and help make the world better


  Eat your Fruit & Veg

Oddbox have come up with a great idea to reduce food waste by collecting perfectly nutritious but odd shaped fruit and vegetables from farms all over the UK which would otherwise get thrown out and wasted. Once they have rescued them they deliver them straight to your door. Good and convenient. 


      Buy a Bracelet?

Or a host of other beach apparel and cool stuff made from 100% recycled plastic. The best bit is that the money they get from selling these products pays to pull more plastic out of our oceans. Which is also something which is badly needed right now. Click their logo to join in!

Who gives a crap logo.png

   Eco toilet paper?

Every year millions of trees are cut down to make toilet paper, plus loads of plastic is used in the packaging. Even worse, whilst half of the world have soft ply TP for their behinds, the other half (approx 3bn people) don't even have a toilet. These guys are trying to change all that. And it's perfectly affordable. Win. 


 Use an Ethical Plumber

Plumbing For Good promise a top class service, excellent value, specialising in efficient and sustainable solutions, plus they donate 25% of their profits to clean water and sanitation projects. A new company trading in and around London. Check them out.


      Go Beyond Meat

OK, we are not going to start preaching and say everyone should go 100% vegan. But we all know that changing our eating habits and going more plant based has a positive effect on us and the planet. And seriously, have you tried some of the new meat alternatives? They are seriously good. Honestly, just give it a go ;-) For us x


       Eat Chocolate

But not just any chocolate. Tony's Chocolony are on a mission to make the chocolate industry more fair and end modern slavery. Great chocolate and an even greater cause. You can join them by clicking the image, sign their petition and buy their chocolate. It's only fair...