We exist to create and promote businesses who want to make a better world.  To give the power back to the people and flip capitalism on its head.

Why should 1% of the worlds population control the majority of it's resources whilst 50% struggle to feed their families?  And why is the global inequality gap getting even bigger every year? 

As the 1% become richer and more powerful, they use their influence to tip the scales further in their favour and inequality continues to rise. What if we stopped buying their products and services, stopped supporting their political candidates, and started supporting the good guys? 

That is what the For Good philosophy is all about providing a platform for all the businesses, entrepreneurs, charities, professionals, and people who give a shit, to come together and tip the balance back in our favour. Here are a few easy ideas to get us started.

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At this stage it's just about saving the world.

But essentially we aim to bring good people, organisations and projects together for the benefit of everyone and everything on the planet. 

To enter and disrupt the shit out of every major industry, for good. But we need your help. Imagine a major corporation owned by and for the people. Us.


It's a big job and it starts with you. Together we can tip the balance of power back towards the people by promoting and supporting organisations that are genuinely acting for change. When we divert the consumer money from the bad guys, we start to gain a platform. By funnelling this money to projects for equality, social and environmental change we can make a difference.

We think the world could be better and we want you to help us help everyone. 

If you also want the best for the future of humanity then you are qualified to join our movement. Help us share our message far and wide, or donate your time, effort, expertise or spare cash. If you belong to an organisation that shares our vision for a better world then get in touch and let's help each other. 

Why is For Good necessary? First watch Sir David Attenborough's new documentary on Netflix - Life on Planet Earth, and then try and tell me something doesn't need to be done. Still not convinced? Do some research into global inequality rates, hunger, lack of water/sanitation in the developing world and political lobbying and campaign funding. I hope there are enough points in those topics that we can all agree on. Lets try and find some and start there.

Here is a short (1 min) clip from a Vice Film, The Third Industrial Revolution with Jeremy Rifkin. He says it better than we can. You can watch the whole documentary here.

Jeremy Rifkin

So if we aren't going to solve the big problems like climate change or growing inequality with the old way of thinking, what can we do? Well, fortunately there is hope, there are loads of people and organisations out there who want to help make the world better. We say let's come together to support those organisations that are genuinely making a difference and really take back control. This doesn't have to be about left or right or specific political issues, just about acknowledging that the current system is not solving the major problems faced by humanity, it's what created them.  It's about agreeing that today corporations generally wield more power than governments and are certainly more capable at creating change. Well in the current system that change can be good or bad depending on the company and their actions. So let's vote with our wallets and give our money to those that do good, not those who continue to make things worse just for money and power. 

What we want to do is help bring these good companies together and help to spread the word about them to you. One of the difficulties faced by these good organisations is that they often can't compete with the big players as they don't have the big bucks to spend on mass advertising. We hope to change that. If we help to get the word out about companies, products and services and more people know about them, then they can make their minds up about which ones to use. If you agree with their principles and you know they exist, maybe you will switch. The more of us that do that and help to inform others, the more we help tip the tables in favour of the good guys. 

Wanna give it a go? We figured the risk of trying it is far less than the risk of carrying on the way we are going. It's not easy but theres lots of people out there who have made a start, so we're gonna start by trying to help give some of them some publicity and attention. 

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